Thank you for visiting bryceatkins.com.*  One of the most important things I have learned that you can count on in life is change. And change of any kind, good or bad, can be stressful.  We are often caught off guard by the changes the come our way and find ourselves reeling to deal with them.  Or we can't figure out how to achieve some changes that we actually want to have happen in our lives. Whatever the change is, it generally throws us out of whack for quite some time.  But one way or another, we have to deal with the change.  It's during these times that having a helpful hand can get us through the struggles that all change brings to our lives.  

I can help you create a richer, more balanced life through mental awareness training, personal trainer, nutrition planning, spiritual guidance and support, life skills training, and life coaching.   By synergizing multiple techniques and options for wellness, individuals can increase and accelerate their overall health and enjoyment of life.

Please call or email me directly, at the information listed below, to find out more about how I can help you achieve a passion for life and living.

Bryce Atkins

Bryce Atkins
P.O Box 1891
Columbia, MO 65205


* After 7 years of working with wonderful couples, I felt it was time to retire "I Do" Weddings Ceremonies and move on to a new challenge.  Thank you for seeking my wedding officiant services.  You may want to visit the Missouri Wedding Connection for a list of other potential officiants in the area.  Please know that I still provide Pre-Marriage Awareness Counseling, along with the other services through my new business.